With Xsolla Partner Network you can set up a ChatBot. This ChatBot will send tracking links from your programs to chats, reminding your subscribers to buy the game and support you.

How to get it:

1. In your Account settings go to the Applications tab and connect your Twitch-account. After that the ChatBot will become your channel's moderator.

2. Adjust settings of sending links, such as sending with the given frequency and sending tracking affiliate links.

3. To set up sending links with a given frequency press Settings and select: 

       a. Programs to send links for. Links are sent for all of your programs with "Live" status by default. Alternatively, you can сhoose "Select specific programs" and select particular programs.
       b. The frequency of sending links (Message frequency).
       c. The text accompanying links (Message text).

4. No additional setting is needed for sending a tracking affiliate link. This link is sent to the chat each time when somebody buys a game or makes an in-game purchase via your tracking link or promocode. The link is sent for a program from which the purchase was made with the fololowing accompanying text: 

"<user name> just supported <streamer name> by buying <Game Name>. Check it out at <URL>". 

5. If you want to stop sending messages to the chat, switch the toggle button in the top right corner of the chatbot settings box.

6. If you want to completely turn off the ChatBot, you have to break the connection with Twitch in Account Settings.

7.After completing setting up test the ChatBot by sending a test message. Be attentive: this message will be sent to the public chat in your stream. For sending your test message press "Send test message".

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