Xsolla Partner Network helps influencers build strong relationships with game developers and publishers. It provides an array of tracking and analytics tools paired with a large database of affiliate programs you can search, browse, and join with a few clicks. Use it to build an audience, boost revenue, and support your favorite games, all by doing what you do best: creating engaging content.

Registration Requirements

To join Partner Network as an influencer you’ll need to use an active social media account. Partner Network currently supports registration through YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Mixer. YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, and Twitter influencers will need at least 50 subscribers to join.

If you meet the requirements, visit the Partner Network sign-up page to get started.

Choosing a Program

After joining you’ll see an overview of available programs. Click the “Details” link to learn more about each one and see if the game is a good fit for your audience. 

Pay special attention to the icons noted below. They indicate assets each program includes. From left to right: game keys, promo codes, coupons.

Some programs have special tags, as well. For example, “New” programs have recently launched on Partner Network, while “Hot” programs are especially lucrative for influencers.

The “Revenue Share” column shows the percentage of attributed sales you will get from each purchase. All clicks and sales are monitored using special tracking links unique to each influencer.

Program Details

When you find a program you’re interested in, click the “Details” link to find out more about the game. You can also read up on any special program terms and check the program expiration date to make sure it fits your content schedule.

Click “Join The Program” at the bottom to get started. You’re free to work on as many partner programs as you like. If you change your mind later, you don’t even need to cancel.

After Joining a Program

Once you join a program you’ll receive a unique program tracking link along with any applicable game keys or promo codes that may have been provided by the developer. Everything will be e-mailed directly to you as well as displayed on the program details page. You can start working on your content right away!

When your video or livestream is published, make sure you include your unique program tracking link— as this is what enables Partner Network to attribute the sales you generate to you. You can also share the tracking link through other social media accounts using the “Share Link” icons on the program details page:

Now you’re set! Keep creating videos and other content for the program and include the tracking link wherever it makes sense to do so. Your revenue share will automatically be added to your Partner Network account each time someone makes a purchase through your link.

Check Statistics & Request Payouts

To check statistics for any of your partner programs, log in and visit the dashboard. Here you’ll see analytics on how many followers have clicked your links, how many purchases have been made, and how much revenue you have earned from each program.

When you reach a minimum $100 balance you can request a payout. Xsolla Partner Network currently supports both PayPal and wire transfers. Follow the steps below to begin the request:

  1. Log in and go to the wallet section.

  2. Complete the tax interview.

  3. Fill out a payout method form.

  4. Complete the request by clicking the withdraw button.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch! Contact us via Intercom chat or send an e-mail to influencers@xsolla.com

Thanks for reading, and as always, enjoy the game!

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